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Accreditation, Investment, and Growth @ Lafarge & Egge

It’s been well over one year since we’ve updated our customers and followers on our progress, and for good reasons. 2018 and the beginnings of 2019 have marked major changes to our organization here at Lafarge & Egge and Clackamas Welding. In fact, we briefly mentioned changes on the horizon citing the “Post Tier-1 Era.” Most of the changes we implemented were re-actively strategic to the situation that small businesses throughout aerospace face in the Post Tier-1 Era: a decline in a legacy work statement,  losing work to Make V. Buy decisions (insourcing), and a tight labor market. We are poised for 15% growth headed into the latter half of 2019, and of course, our fingers are crossed for a strong 737 Max recovery. Big changes are outlined below, in addition to some photos of our new layouts at each of our divisions.

A) Lafarge & Egge has successfully integrated our Alpha Precision Machining location (Kent, WA) into our Lynnwood facility. This has expanded the scope of our AS9100 D Accreditation to machining. For a quick look at our machining services & equipment, check out the capabilities page.

B) Clackamas Welding has gained BAPS 172-034 Accreditation for Fusion Welding from Bombardier, bolstering the company’s position for a more diverse work statement. Combined with merit Nadcap accreditation and D1-4426 special process approvals, Clackamas continues to be an excellent choice for the aerospace supply chain and its special process welding needs.

C) Lafarge & Egge expanded the scope of its BAPS certs to include 174-008 for the installation of flareless fittings.

D) We are investing and have some great new equipment to bolster our tubing and welding services including brand new pressure test systems including autofrettage; a new orbital welder to support new contract work in the tubing; a new fiber-optic laser welder to support Tool & Die Repair; a new vapor degrease tank to increase cleaning efficiency and enhance environmental controls.

E) We have begun the process of implementing a new ERP System at Clackamas, called ProShop by Adion Systems.

New Equipment @ Lafarge & Egge in Lynnwood, WA

New Equipment at Clackamas Welding in Clackamas, OR:


Even though all of these changes have been remarkable for our organization and our speed in achieving them, our most notable change has been that of our work culture. We are, as Patrick Lencioni would put it, a humble, hungry, smart, and high-integrity team. Now it’s time to put the minds and hands to work by growing the business and better serving our customers. In that spirit, we continue to differentiate and re-invent ourselves to achieve the goal of growth and long-term sustainability.

If you’ve small diameter, high-pressure tube assembly needs, or are looking for some build to print machined parts, please email us at or call us at 424-778-4123.

If you’ve any special process welding needs for the aerospace and/or commercial industry, please email us at or call us at 503-655-9535.