Accreditation, Investment, and Growth @ Lafarge & Egge

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It’s been well over one year since we’ve updated our customers and followers on our progress, and for good reasons. 2018 and the beginnings of 2019 have marked major changes to our organization here at Lafarge & Egge and Clackamas Welding. In fact, we briefly mentioned changes on the horizon citing the “Post Tier-1 Era.” Most of the changes we implemented were re-actively strategic to the situation that…

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Alpha Precision: the 2nd L&E Div. to Gain AS9100D Accreditation

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In a follow-up to our second blog post, we are pleased to announce that Alpha Precision has joined Clackamas Welding in earning AS9100 D accreditation. Alpha will be posting its new certificate on our website soon. This marks 2 of 3 of the Lafarge & Egge Divisions to have earned Rev D Accreditation. Alpha Precision boasts a wide range of CNC Milling capabilities and expert design for manufacturing…

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The Growth of Lafarge and Egge

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Since 1962, Lafarge & Egge has been a cornerstone niche built-to-print business in the aerospace industry in providing small-diameter tube assemblies to OEMs and different tiers of the supply chain. A lot has changed since then and as tube assemblies have become more commoditized, Lafarge & Egge has continually diversified its capabilities to pursue growth opportunities and diversify its revenue streams. In today’s aerospace climate, which is complicated…

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Clackamas Welding Receives AS9100 D Accreditation

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Recently, OEMs and Primes like Boeing and GE have been more aggressively assessing and flowing down the need to properly analyze risk to ensure continuity and stability in the supply chain. The recent changes to AS9100 revision D are based on risk-based thinking and marks a significant shift in compliance for the aerospace supply chain. Lafarge and Egge’s welding division, Clackamas Welding, was recently audited for AS9100 D…

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