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The Growth of Lafarge and Egge

Since 1962, Lafarge & Egge has been a cornerstone niche built-to-print business in the aerospace industry in providing small-diameter tube assemblies to OEMs and different tiers of the supply chain. A lot has changed since then and as tube assemblies have become more commoditized, Lafarge & Egge has continually diversified its capabilities to pursue growth opportunities and diversify its revenue streams.

In today’s aerospace climate, which is complicated by supply chain consolidation, OEMs, Primes, and even 1st Tier Suppliers are requiring that historically small, commodity and niche-based suppliers grow their capabilities and manage overall business risk. Quality requirements are stiffer than ever. Labor costs are steadily rising and the domestic industry is establishing new manufacturing clusters aside from the Pac NW. Global competition and the entry of additive manufacturing into the aerospace marketplace, in addition to the aforementioned conditions, are requiring that companies like Lafarge & Egge change rapidly to remain relevant in the “Post-Tier 1 Era.”

When the Graham Capital Group, a local family office in Seattle, acquired Lafarge & Egge, it planned to grow it through acquisition. Since then, Lafarge & Egge acquired two other companies: Clackamas Tool Welding and Alpha Precision Machining, a Nadcap, D1-4426 special processor and AS9100 machine shop, respectively. The goal of buying these companies is similar to many other investments in aerospace: to create one company, capable of providing higher-level assemblies to the aerospace market.

In the here and now, Lafarge & Egge has re-branded to combine its capabilities; train its people to back each other up and open up capacity; and to grow, domestically and globally. The rebrand of Lafarge &  Egge is focused on continual growth and two primary assets of the company, it’s skilled people and its commitment to serving and satiating customer expectations of cost, quality, and on-time delivery.

As we look into 2017 and beyond, we see a bright future in aerospace and in manufacturing. We hope our new website and company brand reflects such, so please have a look and feel free to let us know what you think at