Precision Machining

precision machining


Our AS9100/ISO 9001 certified, DDTC /ITAR registered CNC machining operation offers high-RPM horizontal and vertical milling services specializes in hard and soft alloys. The machine shop currently supports precision machining applications in electronics, aerospace, defense, space, and drilling operations. Furthering its support in build-to-print machining is its focus on the 3D printing of unique tooling solutions.

We are known for efficient delivery of advanced manufacturing solutions for OEMs and large manufacturer with a specific focus on hard to machine parts and/or large hogouts given our 4-Axis travel of: 42.5″ x 35.5″ x 36″.

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ITAR DDTC Approved

Precision Machining Services

precision machining capabilities

Our primary capabilities and services include:

  • Turn-key Build to Print Manufacturing
  • Machining Offload to applicable systems/standards (AS9100, ISO9001, BAC, RPS, etc.)
  • Kanban Support for Production Parts
  • Solutions for problem parts.

Supporting companies such as PCC and ITT Canon, in addition to larger fabricators, L&E’s agile precision machining operation is well-versed in lean manufacturing and quality improvement processes. This global parts supplier produces small-scale as well as medium to large horizontally milled parts processed in their advanced Mazak 6800 HMCs. L&E’s high complexity machining capability and ability to machine most alloys (and some plastics), coupled with their team’s remarkable talent for problem-solving, makes them an ideal partner for clients with stringent project specifications.

Finished Products & Value-Add Services

three parts
  • Standalone, Complex Machined Details
  • Machined sub-assemblies
  • Complex Tooling Design
  • Design for manufacturability assistance
  • R&D
  • 5-Axis Grinding
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Machined Serrations

Experience that delivers

A problem-solver’s paradise

Update: Now located in Lynnwood, WA!

Previously located in Kent, WA, Alpha Precision was Lafarge & Egge’s most recent acquisition (2015). A sophisticated build-to-print precision machining operation, L&E is known for machining complicated components and solving critical customer manufacturing problems.

Lafarge’s new machining operation works with a variety of materials, including aluminum, titanium, specialty steels, high-temp nickel alloys, plastics, and copper. Their aptitude for handling an array of materials is bolstered by the broad range of part sizes supported by the facility. L&E’s machinists manufacture dime-size parts as well as those over 80 inches long (sometimes weighing over 2,500 pounds).

In business for almost 30 years, L&E’s prowess and craftsmanship are evidenced by the diverse assortment of components they have manufactured for a range of uses. This accredited AS9100/ISO9001 facility specializes in CNC machining and assembly of complex, close tolerance parts. Its consistent delivery of high-quality parts has made L&E a component supplier for demanding projects, including the Boeing 777, 737, and the International Space Station.

In addition to their precision machining services, our machining team, along with our tubing and welding divisions, is equipped to handle fully integrated projects for customers from a number of industries, including communications, aerospace, submarine, space, automotive, and defense.

Continual Improvement, Quality Precision Machining Service

As a full service facility, our machining division’s absolute commitment to continual improvement is paramount. Working with customers on initial designs and prototype development all the way through to the finished product, L&E’s aim is to meet all levels of customer specifications and satisfaction while evolving to meet their ongoing needs. Their highly collaborative and responsive customer service style ensures that their customers receive the information and products they need quickly and with increasing efficiency.

L&E’s culture of accountability (to customer and co-workers) results in world-class finished goods at a value that is difficult for most shops to match.