Orbital Welding Services

As part of our commitment to the latest welding technology and services, Lafarge and Egge offers orbital welding services. This type of welding is commonly used for tubing that requires precise outside diameters and is often used for high-integrity and high-pressure liquid and gas systems that are used in the aerospace, semiconductor, defense, space, and pharmaceutical sectors and particularly, in titanium. Orbital welding services are highly sought for high-pressure, mission-critical systems. Here’s what you need to know about our orbital welding and how to determine if our services are the right choice for your unique and specialized welding needs.

Orbital Welding Services


Orbital welding services include an automated type of welding that utilizes an electric arc that continuously rotates around a stationary pipe or tubing in a defined orbit. While the process itself is highly automated, one of our highly skilled welders is required to supervise and take corrective action when necessary to maintain the purity and integrity of the welds. 

One of the beautiful things about orbital welding is that once the parameters are input, the welds themselves are infinitely repeatable. This is highly beneficial for large-scale welding projects that require purity and stability in the welds though there are factors that affect the quality of orbital welds such as:

  • Arc length
  • Welding current (magnitude and pulse frequency)
  • Welding speed
  • Material quality (for the parent and filler wire materials)
  • Shielding gas
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Weld preparation

Understanding these factors and making the appropriate adjustments can greatly improve the quality of orbital welds.


There are many benefits of orbital welding services, not the least of which is the safety improvements it provides for the welders themselves who can observe from safer distances from the arc. However, there are plenty of benefits to consumers as well, including the fact that even large-scale projects can be completed much faster with orbital welding than when welded by hand. 

The most beneficial improvement, though, comes in the form of quality. The fact that this is done by machine rather than by hand means the welds are precise. Add that precision to a greatly reduced turnaround time and projects that may be completed with orbital welding are often preferable, especially when purity and quality are critical factors. Finally, orbital welding can be conducted in various environmental conditions and doesn’t require optimal weather or visibility, avoiding weather-related delays to project completion.

Our Orbital welding equipment utilizes state-of-the-art technology and requires specialized welding heads and skilled welders to serve as engineers for the project. LE carries a good array of tooling but will purchase more or larger machines depending on customer application and opportunity.



Because it is a specialty welding service, orbital welding is best used in specific situations requiring high precision and/or pressures. For instance, it is an ideal choice for projects that require high pressures such as autofrettage, a service offered by our business. Furthermore, it’s often used on titanium tubing and welding applications for aerospace, space, and defense markets. 

When you need large quantities of welds, orbital welding is ideal for its repeatability – not to mention consistent weld quality. Finally, products that require high purity or integrity against leaks are ideal candidates for orbital welding services as well.


Because of the consistent quality and purity orbital welding services deliver, these services aren’t necessary for all fields. However, there are some industries that find these specialized welds highly beneficial, including many of those listed below.

  • Chemical
  • Aluminum
  • Defense
  • Space
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor
  • Cosmetic
  • Food and dairy processing
  • Breweries and wineries

Essentially, any industry that relies on metal tubing for purity, consistency, and to prevent leaks can benefit from the simple beauty of orbital welding services from Lafarge and Egge.

Why Choose Lafarge & Egge?

Lafarge and Egge brings 60 years of experience in the tube bending, welding, and machining industry to the table. Since 1962, we’ve been leaders in the industry working for major organizations like Boeing and other aerospace companies. We have expertise in all areas of the field from prototyping to massive production runs. Our orbital welding services utilize the latest technologies to provide consistent quality from the first weld to the last no matter how large or small your project happens to be.

We are committed to providing excellence at every turn. From top-quality welds to our first-rate customer service, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the products we weld for you as well as the customer service you receive throughout your experience with Lafarge and Egge. Contact us today to learn more about our experience, our orbital welding, and how we can help you accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.


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